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Loyal to Local

Local Farms featured on Elderwood’s Menu


The Elderwood restaurant sits atop The Darling Hotel as the first rooftop restaurant and lounge in Visalia. Here’s a sneak peak into the local partners featured on Elderwood’s menus.


Local Farm in Visalia, CA

Looking out over a sea of kale, and over 20 varieties of lettuce, you can see the love and dedication put into Oak Patch Vegetables. Tom & Katrin Newman began the farm back in 1991 after inheriting the land from Tom’s grandfather. What was originally natural horse pastures, is now a large vegetable garden surrounded by beautiful, shady Valley Oak trees.

Tom & Katrin began the farm growing everything you can find in the seed catalog – strawberries, corn, and even peanuts one year. After deciding what to grow that best suits them, because as Katrin said, “you have a lot of leftovers to eat, so make sure to grow what you like,” they’ve decided on lettuce because that’s her favorite.

On the tour around the farm, we asked Katrin and her son, Eric, their favorite thing they make with their lettuce. They joked that there is always a bag of salad in the fridge. They eat salad everyday, sometimes twice a day, so there’s a whole shelf of salad dressings just to keep mixing it up.

And as we passed the last row of basil, Katrin said that a customer introduced them to a new drink: a Basil Gin Smash! So after a long day of picking basil, they’ll make a Basil Gin Smash. Sounds delicious!

You can find Katrin & Oak Patch Vegetables at Visalia Farmers Market, and their lettuce and arugula served here at Elderwood.


Local Farm in Ivanhoe, CA

Robert McKellar, also known as Farmer Bob, owns and operates McKellar Family Farms.

Since the beginning of McKellar Family Farms, back in 1927, The McKellar Family has continued to grow 100 acres of multiple varieties of oranges, including a special Australian Variety of Naval that gets ripe in the Spring – so they have delicious oranges all year round. 

Farmer Bob’s favorite thing about Farmer Bob’s World is the kids. McKellar Family Farms started the Farm Tours & Wagon Rides just for school kids, but now welcome visitors from all over the world. Farmer Bob says it’s always fun to have a group of kids on the farm. They are exciting and it’s very rewarding.

We asked Farmer Bob his favorite dish or drink that he makes with his oranges.

“We make an orange salad. It’s really simple. Black pepper, olive oil, sliced green onions and you mix it all up. You need about one orange per person for however big you want to make the salad.”

And drink? “Screwdriver. That’s my favorite to fix for people.”


McKellar Family Farms Oranges are featured in Elderwood’s Mimosas & Orange Juice on the Brunch Menu.

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