How-to: Reserve a Group Block

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Reserve a Group Block at The Darling Hotel

How & why you should reserve a group block of rooms for your next event


Whether it’s your wedding, birthday, holiday party, or corporate retreat, reserving a group block of rooms at The Darling is the way to go for giving your guests an amazing experience with beautiful guest rooms and top-notch customer service –like only a boutique hotel can.

Our recommendation to reserve a group block ensures that your guests have a wonderful place to stay after celebrating with you. Your out-of-town family members coming to your wedding, your friends and family celebrating your birthday with a rooftop soirée at Elderwood need a place to sleep after all those cocktails, or you’re bringing in executives from your company and would like to give them a 5-star hotel experience in Visalia. Whatever your reason to gather people together, we can’t wait to host you.

We have two reservation methods for your group block: call-in or rooming list. Depending on how you’re organizing your event, you can have all the rooms assigned with a rooming list, or your guests can call-in to reserve their room choice from within your block.

You can also put all the room charges on a master account paid by the event organizer or your guests can pay for their own rooms individually. There are so many options and reserving and booking your group block can be set up however works best for you!

If you have questions or would like to receive a group block proposal from our Sales & Events team you can reach them at (559) 713-2113 or to inquire for your next event.

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